Monday, July 14, 2008

(...for a while, anyhow!)
bottle-openers and roundbacks are in stock for the last time! order now or forever hold your peace. i sent a whole bunch of them, so you should still be able to get yer hands on one. ORDER HERE!!!

there's a pair of roundbacks up on ebay right now to announce what's goin' on.

here's how the official announcement on the website reads:

Workhorse Irons temporarily Closing July 18

Dear friends and colleagues,

For the last five years, we at Workhorse Irons have been overwhelmed with the amount of support and enthusiasm shown for what we do, by you, the discerning customer, and we cannot begin to thank you enough.

From the very beginning, our mission has been to provide the tattoo community with top quality, "function-first", tools, at a price which allows the professional tattooer to obtain a machine without sacrificing a week's pay. What we lack in "frosting", we make up for in "cake". This is the core principle which has driven us to become the best at what we do, and continues to drive us, as we create better and better equipment which remains reliable, and affordable.

As our goal is to provide uncompromising products and customer service, we've become increasingly aware of a need for some necessary steps to restructure the business in the immediate future. Simply put, if we are to effectively maintain the same level of quality and service you're used to, and continue to set the industry standard, we'll need to step back for a little while and make some changes before our work begins to suffer. We know it sounds crazy, but sometimes things can go too well, which is exactly what's happening.

In the interest of rumor control, there has been no "fall out", and no dissolving of friendships. It's quite to the contrary, as a matter of fact. Our personal and business relationships have continued to strengthen, which is exactly why we are we are not permanently closing workhorse, nor do we intend to. We only ask that you please bear with us, as we create a new and improved Workhorse Irons, and rest assured that we are here to stay.


Effective July 18th we will be temporarily ceasing sales and production, as we fine-tune the operation to better suit the needs of the customer. This will include all workhorse models by all builders, all parts, and all accessories.

We will be continuing production and distribution of our Stable Color ink; you can place your orders at

Until July 18th we will only be taking internet orders and communicating through email, we will not be conducting any business over the phone. Inventory will be based on what we actually have left, so as things are sold out we will not be getting them back in stock.

After July 18th, please visit our friends at and, where you'll find top quality machines and assorted shop sundries to make your job easier.

Thanks, and we'll see you in the future!


BJ "SOBA" Johnson, Seth Ciferri, and Aaron Cain

thanks to all of y'all for supporting us at workhorse over the years!!! see ya soon.