Wednesday, July 16, 2008

superduper mad dash to get the last box packed up and overnighted out last night. once again, they'll have plenty to satisfy everyone who's interested, then if there's any left over on monday, i'm just going to put them up on ebay with "buy it nows" at the same price they sell for at workhorse.

so, since i got through the workhorse jam, i got to finish off a pair that i've had on deck for a few weeks. they're up on ebay..check em. here's a couple of pics:

i'm super stoked on this pair. they went together great and i got to try out my new armature bar prototypes on em. pictures tonight, when i was looking at the projects that i have on deck, i was thinking it'd be a cool way to let interested machine people see what's coming up in the near future. i usually have about a dozen different projects in various stages of completion so i can go back and forth if i'm not feeling inspired.
here's my "on deck" area. i keep em right at eye level where i do all of the assembly and tuning so i can think about what i want to do with them when i am working on other stuff. right now i've got a pair of bronze W.H.I. roundbacks, a couple pairs of copper bolties, a muonionalusta meteorite pair, a damascus pair for krooked ken motter's "tattooing to save babies" charity project, and a pair of plain steel from the prototyping stage of the bolties that will be welded and carved. i've got a couple drawers full of half finished projects also, but the on deck stuff has a much, much better chance of getting done.

workshop pics

this is my carving station, where all the magic happens! i've put in a lot of hours here.

a big huge 400lb anvil i got from a local guy. unfortunately, all of my sweet, sweet, sweet anvils are still back in maryland in storage with the rest of my smithy. i'm gonna get that stuff soon, i got a lead o a good moving company that would be just right for the job.

some of the art in the shop. the two flash pieces were something that i did for the video game "rock band," that didn't pan out. the silver boards on the top are the molds from the foundry for the workhorse bottle-opener and roundback. the skateboards were for a children's charity in new zealand, they made 5 of each, i think, and auctioned them off. center piece is by fat ram, it's a cool gigery type thing that has green and red pinstriping and is meant to be viewed with 3d, cool. bunch of other stuff too.

super cool new watercolor that julio avila did as a benefit for a friend with breast cancer, then auctioned it off. click here to see the pics on ebay. only a couple people bid on it and i feel like i stole it! it's not just a beautiful piece of art, it was and beautiful gesture by julio. also on this wall is a bug girl by tom strom, a sketch by shawn barber of the damascus skull machine that i made for him, and a few other things.

guy aitchison and phil holt paintings.

bunch of stuff that i did. 95, 98, 02, 07

rachel rice, josh visher, ian morris

cory norris, dan gilsdorf, michele wortman, jason minauro

some junk