Thursday, September 4, 2008

here's what's on deck:
(from left to right) 1. muonionalusta meteorite pair that's been on deck for the longest. 2. devin thomas "raindrop" pattern mokume-gane. very mechy, kinda like the copper pair from last week. 3. new pattern by chad nichols, this stock is super thick, so i'll be doing pierced silver inserts like some of the stuff i did a few years back. 4. a.c. metsala "sine wave" pattern. i'm thinking pretty simple, maybe with some deep grooves. 5. another copper pair...they are the second longest wait on deck. i really liked the detail work on the last copper pair, so i'm thinking i'll be getting to these soon to revisit the technique. 6. the new, original, official rollomatic, i'll be doing a dozen of these ltd brass, meched out, with jimmy from lucky supply.

should be a lot of fun for me and a lot of neat stuff for y'all.

they are here. this limited edition of 250 will be almost complete after this new batch of frames. as soon as they ship to lucky's, i'll post a pair on ebay and post here to announce that they're ready to go. please don't harass them over there. please be patient...i WILL make an announcement when they ship. it will be AT LEAST 4-6 weeks from now.

the press showed up. it's in the workshop, but i have a few things that i absolutely have to get done before i install it (like the super late repairs). can't wait! it is going to be a ton of fun and i'm super excitied to bring bio-mech imagry into damascus and mokume.


enitre frame and a-bar fabricated out of "wormwood" damascus with 0-1 core. SUPER SICK! mokume-gane binders, $10 dollar bill coil covers, killer heat color.
they're up on ebay right now. lots more pictures on the listings...they're worth checking out!**aaroncain**

i shipped a batch to them earlier this week and will be shipping more tomorrow.

still not done. i am going to be sending patience gifts out with them when they ship....
my apologies again. dealing with reapairs is by far my least favorite part of being a machine builder. i understand that you guys miss your machines, and i will make sure that your wait is worth your while. thanks again for the continued patience and understanding.