Friday, January 1, 2010

...i can only assume that y'all dig lookin' at machines... yaa go

all of the machines below are NOT for available sale and they will NOT be reproduced. this is a gallery only.

first pair of 2010, built new year's day.
WORKHORSE IRONS SOBA supermeched "racehorse" liner and "plowhorse" shader frames. gray-washed $5 dollar bill coil covers.

last pair of 2009. made new year's eve.
bronze zooliner and zekonah with fancy embossed copper twin coil covers.

nichols mosaic "X-OUT" boltie pair

welded nichols "X-OUT" damascus pair

welded, heat colored simple damascus pair. greenwashed $5 bill coil covers.

sculpted, heat-colored devin thomas 3 color mokume bolties. brownwashed $1 bill coil covers.

carved "2000 JONES" pair

fabricated, blued "turkish twist" nickel damascus bulldogs. khaki washed $5 dollar bill coils.

set of 3 that i traded to tom strom for some BEAUTIFUL art. simple gray damascus, fancy mokume and blued nickel damascus. colored $5, 10 and 20 dollar bill coil covers.

welded nichols damascus

stainless steel damascus boltie pair. gray-washed $5 bill coil covers.

"BLACKMECH" bolties! color enhanced $10 bill coil covers.
these are my new favs.

welded, meched jensens

carved and patinaed juan puente frames. brownwashed dollar bill coils.

carved, re-blued and rebuilt tim hendricks "working class" frame

brazed, meched and heat-colored mokume pair. $10 dollar bill coil covers

welded, meched and heat-colored, nichols "wild one" stainless damascus. green-washed $5 coils

extra fancy, meched jonesy pair. antiqued brass fixings, including embossed twin coil covers.

brazed, meched and heat-colored 3-color mokume. upside down clips. $5 bill coils

pinned, brazed, meched and distressed rogers "black widow" pair

all of the above machines are NOT for available sale and they will NOT be reproduced. this is a gallery only.


thanks to everyone for making 2009 a great year and the aughts my favorite decade!!
i'm super stoked to see what 2010 and the teens bring to me, my family and all of tattoo. i've got a feeling that we are all going to shine.