Thursday, October 29, 2009

...and a few more machines...

"bee hive" damascus bolties. purple heat-color, green washed $5 dollar bill coils

brown welded steel pair. brown washed dollar bill coils.

welded web damascus pair. gold washed dollar bill coils.

"wild one" stainless damascus. $10 dollar bill coils.

rogers widow pair with web damascus. $100 donation for each to the PRTRC.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

more new machines...

these machines are not for sale. they are already in private collections and will not be reproduced.
please do not copy them.

meched, patinaed random sakmar mokume-gane. mokume binders, upside-down clips, patinaed shelves.

"reclamation" smashback jones and mecho

nichols, brown "sheet music" damascus

heat-blued hook pair with $5 dollar bill coils and matching blued hardware

nichols, "wildone" stainless damascus

brown and meched, nichols 3-color mokume-gane

nichols, heat-colored stainless "raindrop" damascus with blue steel and $5 dollar bill coils.

back to the past. smashback and pushforward jones pair. styled after the first machines that i numbered and sold in 1995, with all of the tricks learned and used along the way. damascus yokes and armature bars, mokume binders, $5 dollar bill coils.

muonionalusta meteorite P. Rogers "black widow" tribute. real-live, etched and heat-colored meteorite sideplate, straight from outer-space.
$100 from the sale of every Rogers tribute that i make goes to the PAUL ROGERS TATTOO RESEARCH CENTER. if you've never checked out the PRTRC and the TATTOO ARCHIVE, you need to. Chuck Eldridge is doing us all a monumental service by preserving our history for future generations.

nichols, brown mosaic "X-out" damascus. brown steel and copper fixings. brown $5 dollar-bill coils.

3-color, sakmar mokume-gane, upside-down clips, green washed dollar-bill coils

a.c. metsala, "aztec snow" mosaic damascus. entire frames, armature bars and binding posts fabricated out of same billet. color-enhanced $10 dollar bill coil covers.

brazed, blued, a.c. metsala "sine-wave" damascus with $10 dollar bill coil covers.
this is the long lost, big brother of the liner from a few months ago. when i did the joinery, it went crazy, so it was quarantined in the "on deck" area until recently.

etched and meched, nichols stainless steel "big huevos" damascus with gray patinaed shelves/armature-bars, stainless binders and gray dollar-bill coils. as of today (10/07/09), these are still available. click here to check em out

another pair of my "2000 jonesy" frames. loose, gestural mechwork with green-washed $5 dollar-bill coil covers (liner has 6 layers).
as of today (10/07/09), these are still available. click here to check em out

d. thomas, 3-color mokume-gane with black steel and dollar-bill coils.
as of today (10/07/09), these are still available. click here to check em out

please check back soon...
there are a couple really great charity events i am participating in, and i've had some really neat projects in the works for a few months that i'll be ready to share soon, so please check back for details....