Monday, July 27, 2009

...soon. very soon.

sorry to those who have been checking back to see what's up. i remember saying in an earlier post that i was busier than i thought that i ever could be. now, it's about ten times past where i was before. since the last post (almost a year ago!!), my wife and i have a new addition to the family...our daughter, miette edison cain, born may 3rd. our sons, fletcher and gibson are super stoked to be big brothers, and our family seems complete.

i will do my best to carve some time away from the daily grind of pumping out production machines and whittling away space rock for fancy-ass frames to get some new stuff up. i've got at least 100 fancy custom machines that i've done since the last post (10/08) and a few other cool projects as well.

stay tuned...very soon this page will be stuffed full of junk.