Tuesday, June 22, 2010

...yes. more...
i just can't stop.

all of the machines pictured here are NOT for available sale and they will NOT be reproduced. this is a gallery only.
Δεν αντίγραφο
gör inte kopia
ne pas copier
لا نسخة
не копировать
non copiare
Не копие
Ba su kwafin
نه نقلوي
To není kopie
לעשות העתק לא
Kopieren Sie nicht
Nem másolat
복사하지 않다
não copie
की नकल नहीं
Do not kopya
کاپی نہیں
...but please...enjoy!

brazed, etched and meched 3-color mokume. welded shelf support. greenwashed $5 dollar bill coils.

"left-handed" MOSAIC X-OUT damascus. brazed, meched, etched and heat-colored. "turkish twist" damascus shelf support.

3-color "bubble wrap" mokume. brazed, meched, etched and antiqued. graywashed $5 dollar bill coils. mokume support.

stainless "scrambled eggs" damascus, retro B.B. pair. brazed, etched and heat-colored with damascus support and $5 dollar bill coils.

"round two" portal and boner pair. got back into the rainy-day drawer and rebuilt these. antiqued with $10 dollar bill coils.

meched, etched and heat-colored "muonionalusta" meteorite.
greenwashed $5 dollar-bill coils, welded shelf support.

"left-handed" IGUANA damascus.
brazed, sculpted, heat-colored, pierced with carbide inserts. greenwashed dollar bill coils.
i used some of my spent carving bits for the spikes on these...extra magic.

1995/2010 jonesy special. 15 years of building signed and numbered machines for tattooers.
all the tricks from years past and present. the others in the shot are one from 1995, one from 1997 and a pair of the 1995/2005 10 year specials.

this is the pair for craig driscoll that had process pics of in the february post.
they turned out really neat. brazed, sculpted, meched and heat-colored 3-color mokume. welded shelf support. brownwashed $5 and $2 dollar bill coils. inset enameled silver ladybugs.

this is my favorite pair in years.
entire frames out of extra-premium, 3-color, devin thomas mokume.
mokume binders, $10 dollar bill coils, heat colored yokes and armature bars.
the background of the bottom pics has a little look into how mokume is made...raw material, the first heat, then a ready-to-pattern billet...as well as a few patterned, ground, ready-to-make-machines-with billet pieces.

sculpted, meched, etched, heat-colored "GHOULS" damascus.
graywashed $5 dollar bill coils, extra fancy sculpted shelf support.

devin thomas "raindrop" mokume.
sculpted with mild-mech, welded shelf support, tea-stained $5 dollar bill coils, etched, heat-colored. mokume binding posts.

fancy production pair upgrade. these are the number 444's.
tea-stained $10 dollar bill coil covers.

mokume SKULL pair for "cranial visions"
3-color "random" mokume, brazed, sculpted, etched and antiqued. extra fancy sculpted mokume shelf support. greenwashed $5 dollar bill coils.

damascus SKULL pair for "cranial visions"
welded, sculpted, heat-colored stainless "scrambled eggs" damascus. stained $5 dollar bill coils, heat-colored hardware.

brazed, sculpted, meched "raindrop" mokume with welded shelf support, red-dyed $5 dollar bill coils, and inverted clips.

"left-handed" damascus pair.
sculpted, meched, etched, polished, heat-colored damascus. $5 dollar bill coils, matching heat-colored fixings.

brazed, meched, antiqued mokume. $10 dollar bill coils. mokume shelf support. antiqued iron fixings.

brazed, sculpted, etched, heat-colored stainless "scrambled eggs" damascus
heat-colored fixings, stained $5 dollar bill coils, stainless damascus support, inverted clipcord situation.

...i'll try to do post something other than machines next time...but...

all of the machines pictured above are NOT for available sale and they will NOT be reproduced. this is a gallery only.
thanks for looking